Angel Policy

After purchasing, you can use the image as many times as you want, and even use it on items for sale, if the image is hand colored on each sale item. You are allowed to make changes to the image, though if you do,  make sure you save changes in a separate file, and please acknowledge that changes were made if you show the image in a public forum — just to avoid confusion. However, Hambo Stamps retains all copyrights to the image; you cannot sell the image itself (except as part of a finished card or artwork), email the image to others, or use the image for logos, bulletins or other promotional purposes. Swapping or trading of Hambo digital images with others, including any of the free images we offer, is not allowed without written permission from us. If you’d like your stamping friend to have one of our freebies, then please direct them to the link where it can be downloaded from us. Please do not pin any of our images themselves (watermarked or otherwise) to Pinterest, though we’re happy to see your finished projects using our images. If you have a question about the terms of usage just email us.